Change vs. Progress? 🤔

I’m at the airport on my way to the World Workplace Europe / IFMA conference and on my way here I was reflecting on ‘change’ a bit, and what fascinates me is that I tend to think about change only when it has somewhat happened to me or affects me in some shape or form.

However, in my relationships, work, training, and other goals, I make progress. This got me thinking. For some reason, change feels negative, like I’m not in control, whereas progress signifies something moving forward, and it seems I’m not the only one feeling this way.

First of all, we are always experiencing change. Change is constant. I would also argue that we are never truly in control of anything, really. And while we can’t control the outstanding circumstances of life as they happen, we can, no matter what, always control our reaction to them.

So, what if we never experienced change but rather always experienced and saw progress? That is, no matter if we label it as good or bad, it’s progress nonetheless. (They do say, “Run towards failure,” which is also a change, and progress.)

What if we can change the perspective of change to progress?
Or rather, how can we progress and develop a more beneficial and correct perspective of change?

And if so, what impact would that have on your mindset, and how could we implement a “progress” perspective when we make big changes affecting people within our organisations?

After thinking about it, everyone wants to be a part of progress, but not necessarily feel the same about change.

“There is too much progress in our company” – said no one.


I hope this post could give you some insight, spark some interest or thought. Feel free to leave a comment or share to a friend or someone who would benefit from reading this. 

Thank you for reading, I look forward seeing you soon again. Stay awesome – I appreciate you! 

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